s√łndag, desember 12, 2004

No more split ends ;o)

Yesterday I cut my hair!

Not by my self off cause, I got a friend to do it - and then I got pizza and great chat as well! And I'm pretty happy whit how it turned out. Glad to get rid of all my split ends; but still it is a little funny, she took about 10 centimeters off(!) If you ever have had long hair you'll know: it seems like there's something missing. => It is a funny feeling, but I doesn't mind; I love my new hairdo!

Now all I need is some color and then I'm ready for Christmas :o)

Have a lovely Sunday you all!

I'm finished whit one service, soon I'm off to a new one on the other side of the fjord. We're going to have something we call "light-service" Celebrating that light is stronger than darkness and that Jesus is our light in the world.

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