onsdag, desember 22, 2004

Now I'm ready for some decoration :o)

At last my house is starting to feel clean. It is a good feeling!!! Tonight I've washed all the floors in all rooms and the bathrooms - now there only are a little left in the kitchen before I can say I'm finished :o) I hate (well: almost!) cleaning house - so guess how relieved I am now!

Tomorrow I will start decoration like I traditionally do, I like to wait until the last day before Christmas eve. Until then there are the color of Advent in my house; but come tomorrow I will put up a hole lot of Christmas thingy. I love decorating the house - and even though it is just me here most of the time it gives me a good feeling, and when see it I know that these days are different and holiday (no matter how much I work..)!!!

But first I shall met a family who just lost a loved one and prepare a funeral. Then I'm leaving for town for the last shopping and a short visit to my friend B and her family -> and to get my Christmas tree (the one they had here was too expensive!!)

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