onsdag, desember 08, 2004

Pre-tasting Christmas dinner!

Today we've had our monthly meeting of the pastors (and more!) in our area. It is nice to be together one hole day and talk and plan. Today our topic was ideas for sermon this Christmas time. We had one speaker invited and then we shared some ideas we our selves used in earlier year. I got some good ideas for some of the services. So together whit what I prepared whit my friend B last week I now soon have ideas for all my sermons. Now there is just a little work left -> writing it down!! (not a little job I'll tell you that much..)

I always get tired after this meetings but today I think what really got to me was a big plate whit Christmas dinner (It was so good!) Here in Norway we have tradition of special food for Christmas eve, and it is not the same all over our country. So I have a different food tradition than those living here. And this Christmas I'm going to eat what my mom always made, - so today I ate what something other than that! A good arrangement for that way I got to eat both of my favorites! (Later I will tell you a little more about Norwegian tradition around Christmas time!)

A friend of mine stayed whit me after the meeting, she's now off talking whit someone else but in a few minutes I'll drive her to the express boat so she'll get back home. It's been a good day - I'm still tired though!

anne berit c",)

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