tirsdag, desember 14, 2004

PUH! It's been a busy day!

I'm feeling quite tired right now, and have decided to do nothing else tonight less than blogging/surfing and cach up on "7th Heaven" and "Judging Amy". Need a night to chill out :o) and recharge my battery. It is a busy time for pastors here in Norway and probably a lot of other places. This week I have no less than 8 services of different kind and then there is other things to take care off as well.

I have planned the Christmascards, usually I make them my self - but I am not sure if I'll manage to send them before it is to late this year! Hope I do though, it is not the same thing with Christmascard in January. Tomorrow I'll be busy writing =>

Have to send some Christmas gift as well, and make some photo calendars to my nephew, niece and mother. No wonder it is little sleep in December!!

Have a nice and busy decemberday/evening!
anne berit :o)


At 4:07 a.m., Anonymous Anonym said...

hi...this is my last christmas before I get busy as a pastor..next year I will be on internship..and then hopefully awaiting my first call...

just wanted to say hello and may the peace of the Holy One be with you this and every season



At 7:49 p.m., Blogger anne berit said...

Hi Andrena!!

Nice of you to stop by, and enjoy your Christmas!!

It is not always easy to get around to everything this season "demands" - but it is still a joyus season whit a great and powerful gospel to us all; that's keep me going! :o)

Whish you Gods blessing on your work!

Love from
anne berit


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