mandag, desember 13, 2004

Think I'll sleep a little bit more!

Had to get up to send an email, because my connection was down last night, but I'm so tired. So I think I'll just go and sleep some more!

I'm so glad it's Monday - it's my day off and means that I just can go to bed again :o) I have some thing on the program here at home, but I can wait some hours before starting. Tonight I'll invited two women (whit kids) for baking gingerbreadmen, that I look forward to! The dough are already in the refrigerator! Later I'll post the receipt. For me there can be no Christmas without gingerbreadmen, or pepperkaker (Norwegian) as we call it. I'll done it since I was a little girl and still do bake each year, normally they are the only cookies I make ;o)

Have a good day!

anne berit =>

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