tirsdag, desember 07, 2004

Thunder in the morning ->Tupperware in the evening...

Woke up early today to a bang of thunder. It was still dark outside, so the lightning made my bedroom bright as day. I'm thankfully not afraid of thunder - and it wasn't that close by either. But I always worry about the electrical stuff. My computer and TV and such things. I don't have the money to by new things. So when the thunder stopped quite soon I was relieved.

But later after some hours spend at my office a loud bang hit again. I was afraid what might have happened at home - but there was nothing to worry about I found some minutes later. (Not that there were any help in me rushing home if there had been some damage though!) This weather we've had today whit heavy rain and thunder no and again - is for me typical of summer not winter. But out here west it is normal also whit thunder in winter I've learned - and experienced.

This day has been a busy one at work, first whit staff meeting then a meeting to plan an event in January. After school one of my friends children stayed whit me for dinner before we both headed for Baluba (our Sunday school on a Tuesday...)

I was sure that I would have time for clearing out my study and writing some paper tonight but I couldn't resist attending a meeting whit, what shall I call them in English... women of the farmland? rural areas woman? I'm not sure, but hope you got an idea. Anyway they was planning a tupperware demonstration on that meeting - and since it has been a while since last time - I couldn't just go home before the demonstration could I?? :o)

anne berit

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