fredag, desember 03, 2004

The value of things!

There is many things to use our money on - especially this days befor the holiday! But can you imagine using or US $10.000 (over 50.000 Norwegian Kroner) for a glas of Martini?

I'm sure the taste will be good and the diamond consiled in one of the ice cube will sparkle, but still it is a lot of money!! And so far it seems noone has ordered one at The Algonquin Hotel in New York....

If I had that kind of money to spend (and what a thought that is!) I think I would have spent it on something more down to earth.... Something I or other needed not just for show-off. But then if you have 10000 $ to spend you probably have all other things you need as well....

I also know that a diamant is valuable - but is it more valuable than people? Do you know if all of us skipped in we could make the world a much better place! Not by handing out our money for nothing - but by paying what the product really costs to make (for example coffee and bananas)!

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