onsdag, desember 22, 2004


Yesterday was a day with a lot of different things to do, from early morning to late night.

First we had a staff meeting at the office. A kind of getting together and see if we have everything under control and whishing everyone a Merry Christmas (well, most of us are going to work the entire holyday, but anyway it was a nice meeting! The meeting was scheduled at 9 am, but was put of to 10 am because of an organist who needed a little bit more sleep – and I didn’t mind! J The extra hour I used to send (almost) every Christmas card and gifts in the mail. (A huge weight of my shoulder….!)

Then there was some time for doing some office work, and making sure everything would run smoothly….. At 2 pm I went home, and got the last gift in the mail. Then I got home and tried to prepare my self for the interview. Once again I had said yes, and once again I had regrets. But I had my self to thank – so I put on a smile and greeted the man from the radio and showed him in to my living room. To be honest it was a nice chat, and when he left I wasn’t too scared. But still; a little uneasy with telling everyone. (I told someone though!)

Then I left for a friend. She had invited me along with some other friends for a making-Christmas-candy-evening. And believe you me we were sweet when returned home! A really nice evening it was. I loved it and hope we can make it a tradition! Thanks Bea for opening your home for us crazy women!

The drive home was a scary one. All the snow was melting and rain was pouring down on us making the roads almost impossible to manoeuvre in. But at last I got home in one pice ;)

Then my bed was calling, way tired to write any on my blog I’m sorry to say!
But now I’ve done it

God bless you all!

anne berit

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