lørdag, januar 15, 2005

Finally: surfing time ;)

After nearly falling asleep in front of the telly I found I had to do some more useful stuff before I hit the sack early tonight! That's when it hit me: go surfing the web. Keep meawake for some more hours!!

Was up so early this morning that it is hard to believe. Had to finish my the words and thoughts on the topic which I should address: youths/young people in church. I'm strong believer in letting the young people into the church and am not afraid of loosing the church seriousness by it. I think the young perspective is as much needed as the adult and even though we have much to teach them - they also has much to teach us!! When both youths and adult are involved in the process of making a service - the result is bound to be good. That's at least my experience!

For some time now my diocese has put focus on the age group from babies to young adult. The ages who most often are lacking in our services, at last in the rural area. Together we try to find new ways to reach them and to make the services and other arraignment available for younger people as well.

What is your thought on these subject:
* Does children and youths/young people and church belong together??
* How can we make all ages feel at home in church???

God bless!

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