fredag, januar 28, 2005

Friday's feast ; meme

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Feast Thirty-Three

Appetizer - If you could have a free subscription to any magazine, which one would you like to have?
There are some Norwegian magazines I would have loved to receive free in my mail (like Landliv); but to be a little more international, I think I would have liked National Geographic to be honest =>

Soup - If you were to suddenly become famous, what would you choose as your stage name?
Is there need for another name than LIME? It's short and lovely green - what else is there... ;o)

Salad - What ingredients make an awesome salad? Dressing? Croutons?
A little hint of LIME, some olive oil (extra virgin, if you please..) and a handful of fresh herbs. Works with almost anything!

Main Course - What do you like most about your current job?
That I am able to meet all ages and share the word of God (the Bible) and see how Jesus Christ makes a difference in peoples life.

Dessert - Who is your favorite instrumental musician (not a singer)?
This time I have to get local. There is some girls on the south-side of the fjord, who last year started a group named Cecam (yes: you heard it here first!!!!) They play many different things, but I think they have a soft spot for Irish-kind of music. One of the girls sings (she also plays flute quite well), but often they prefer to play instrumental. I know three of the girls and they have given me some wonderful music experience when in December they joined me in church on some different occasions! =>

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