torsdag, januar 06, 2005

Happy "Holy Kings Day"

Or maybe you call them wise men? The one form the Bible :) This is the day in the church year when they appear. In some part of Christianity this is the start of Christmas(!) There is tradition in my part of the world to say that this day is the last of the days of Christmas (number 13) - but some says it's not ending until January 13th. My mom always kept Christmas that long. She love this time of year!

It was normal with a special light this evening. The light should have three "arms" and one "foot". Sometimes they hid a tiny little explosive where the three arms met - causing a big bang (not damaging though!). Then they said the Christmas was over with a big salute.... I think that is quite funny; but not entirely safe....

My day is soon over, havn't had hart to put my grandmother "down" before the end of her day :~) Thanks for warming comments, I'll sure tell her!!

Tomorrow I'll have a day off. I think it shall be used to remove Christmas from my house even though it is a little bit early. Then I will be working on my homepage who (finally) is "out" on the great www :)

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