s√łndag, januar 23, 2005

My own bed :)

There is something about sleeping in my own bed. Not that I mind other beds or staying over at friends or work related. It is just so good to be back in my own bed after the visit or trip. ;)

I have had two (or more like 1,5) wonderful days with the oh so nice youths. Tonight I left them because I need to leave for service on the southside early tomorrow and it was no use for me there that early in the morning (- and probably not tonight either.)

I am terrible tired (and tomorrow it will ring all over my room) - and have to get out of bed early tomorrow. So this is just to say GOOD NIGHT! Thanks for commenting and I'll be back later =>

God bless you!



At 5:19 p.m., Blogger Catez said...

Hi Anne,
I have started an aggregator for Christian womens blogs and added you. In order to be in it I ask that members link to it. If you want to be in could you link to it on your blog and email me at:
catez AT yahoo DOT com.
Here is the link:
Women4God BlogsAlso - could you please go into Blogger, go to settings then go to site feed. There is a box that says Description. Please change it to say "short". This is important as it stops your whole post showing at Women4God Blogs and just gives a short part - then people click on it and come to your blog. Thanks. Catez


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