mandag, januar 10, 2005

Oh no, my parabole's broken!

When I come home tonight, after making me something to eat, I sat down in my char in front of the telly; Seventh Heaven-time I was still smiling when the band rewind (I taped it earlier today), this is one of my favorite times in the day. But then I stopped smiling; there was no Seventh Heaven - only a read square telling me that no signal had come through. The signals has been a trouble all week, but I thought I'd fixed it on Saturday :(

When I turned on my parabola there still was no signal; just that same red square glaring at me on every channel. I guess my time home doing home-stuff tomorrow will rather be a fix-the-parabola-soon-as-lightning kind of day.

It's not that I have to watch telly all the time. I don't do that (mostly I'm out here on www to be honest! =>) But the thought of not being able to see what I want because of a silly little switch thing (I guess that's the problem – the odd of both heads braking down the same day are not high!) makes me a little crazy! ;)

IT IS THE RAIN’S FAULT! The last months there has been a lot of rain, just pouring down on us. The last time I saw the sun was 26th December; and then I have to go back several weeks before that again. In fact the local newspaper said that this very little village I live in made a (not wanted) record a month ago. In 24 hours it fell 161 millimeter with rain! The normal for the hole of December is 216 millimeter (!) Still wonder why I cry for sunshine????????

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