mandag, januar 24, 2005

So then I slept the day away!

Today was my day off from work. And what did I use it for?? Yes, sleeping! I was so tired after a long-hour weekend and some busy weeks before that too - so I just stayed in bed a really long time. I think it was needed, even though there is plenty of things I could have done instead. (Like cleaning my house, doing some laundry, surfing and visiting blogpals or going skiing(!) and visiting friends =>) But well, this is what is, now I'll just try to do some of it the remaining hours of the day!

When was the last time you stayed in bed until 3 o'clock??? (..ehe..)



At 6:04 a.m., Blogger makuahine said...

Oh WOW I am so jealous! ;-) Especially after the day I've had today!! :-)
Glad you enjoyed yourself!!!!

At 10:44 p.m., Blogger anne berit said...

Oh! I enjoyed it alright - but now (on wednesday) it seems so far away ;) Well, to be hones I get headace of that much sleep; it's good it doesn't happen every day!


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