s√łndag, januar 09, 2005

Where have all the youths gone?

Today we had service in the church nearest to me. That way I didn't have to get out of bed earlier than 8 am, which was a good thing!! But there still was some things to prepare before the service. (There always are =>) Today I expected to see kind a few youths in church. Earlier I had invited sine 11 and 12-years old to this date. There also was a little girl who should be baptized.

You can imagine my surprise when it turned out that nearly all of the youths didn't show. I had planned songs, prayer and sermon around it. But when I greeted the congregation in the beginning of service I sadly could not say welcome to the youths like I planned. The service went as planned (nearly) we sang the songs and prayed the prayers, and had a good time together. The sermon went well, someone even thought it was up there with the good one (!) The child slept all throughout her Baptism and the sister and her friend fought over the lit candle (it was mostly the friend who got a little jealous).

But still I wondered why the youths didn't show! Maybe they didn't want to; or was it because they didn't want to join the "Program for youths education" (this is the closest I got to the actual name....) Hopefully I meet one of them or their parent tomorrow. For I can feel I getting curios about WHY as many as 12 out of 13 youths didn't show!!

There will be a follow up on this one :)

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