mandag, februar 28, 2005

My world is white!!

The snow started to fall down on us, lightly, early evening. Now it covers the ground and are the main color on the outside. And it's still coming! This winter is one of the strangest I've had for a long time. Now I was all set for spring, even thought I know that was a bit early ;)

Any snow at your place???

søndag, februar 27, 2005

Sunday Quote

This Sunday is the third one in Lent. This is a Sunday which talks about the demons and how Jesus conquer them and make them flee. The texts' are not the easy ones, but to me this is the most important message:

But if I drive out demons by the finger of God, then the kingdom of God has come to you.

The whole reading can be found at Luke 11:14-23

Wish you a good Sunday!

:) *If you are familiar with Norwegian, this is some good links: Kyrkja (choose to go to Søndagsportal) and Geir's site

lørdag, februar 26, 2005

The week got feet; and run....

It's Saturday evening, I'm sitting by my self. Drinking tea, while surfing Bzoo and BE. The tea is a new blend: African Rooibos by Lipton. Found it in my local grocerystore yesterday, a good thing because I have thought about trying it for a while. Rooibos is from South Africa, I think, and is a favorite tea in southern Africa (If I'm wrong about this - please let me know!!!) Some years ago I visited South Africa and I loved it there! Maybe one day I got to visit again?? Look here for more: African Tea, Rooibos Story

Anyway! This post is a little update from my life the last couple of days.

The school's all over Norway has had winter-brake this week. And I thought it should be a quiet and easy week. Oh, was I wrong! Yesterday was a funeral and there is a new one on Tuesday, both of them unexpected both for the family and me. The woman we buried yesterday was also far to young for dying, if you ask me.

It's been over the top with things to do - and add a cold to that; then you know how I feel right about now! :o) Tomorrow I have to services; in the afternoon. A good thing I don't have to get up early, it doesn't suit me well....

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To recap: I haven't done all the things I thought I would have time to do, but the week has not been all that bad:
The sun has shone from blue sky for over a week!
That is huge - if you ask me!!!

Now I'll go and brew myself another cup of Rooibos Tea ;)

Daily Read for Lent - 18


  • Psalm 75; Psalm 76 (am)
  • Jere 5:20-31; Rom 3:19-31; John 7:1-13
  • Psalm 23; Psalm 27 (pm)

fredag, februar 25, 2005

Friday's Feast; Thirty-seven

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Appetizer - Name something that makes you scream. Snake! I do hate snakes!

Soup - Who is a musician you enjoy listening to when you want to relax? I usually don't listen to anything when I want to relax; but if I should it would probably be an instrumental from Koinonia

Salad - What was the last book you purchased? Just the other day I signed up for a new Harry Potter book; must wait a while before I get it though!

Main Course - If you could live one day as any historical figure, who would it be, and what would you do? I would be a Viking and sailed one of those magnificent boats! :~) Most of the vikings were kind and I would be one of those...

Dessert - Tell about a time when you were lost. Where did you end up? How long did it take you to get back to where you were going? Many years ago me and a friend should up to our cabin in the mountain. It was in the fall and it got dark early. We thought we knew the way, but we didn't - so for a long time we wandered around quite scared. After a while we decided to try to find a way up so we could get some view. And luckily when we climbed up a little "wall" I immediately knew where we was and also knew the way to the cabin from there quite well. I think we both made a little victory dance there and then ;) And we got to the cabin about two hours later than planned!

Daily Read for Lent - 16 & 17


  • Psalm 70; Psalm 71 (am)
  • Jere 4:9-10, 19-28; Rom 2:12-24; John 5:19-29
  • Psalm 74 (pm)


  • Psalm 69 (am)
  • Jere 5:1-9; Rom 2:25-3:18; John 5:30-47
  • Psalm 73 (pm)

torsdag, februar 24, 2005

Just a quick hello!! I'm tired and am soon heading for bed, the cold has stil it's grip on me and the day tomorrow will be a long one. My goal is to be out of bed before 6:30 ;D.............. Hope that is possible!?! This is the house I'm living in. This picture did I take from the ferry and added some soft focus and saturation. Welcome! :) Posted by Hello

onsdag, februar 23, 2005

Think I have a cold coming

The throat is sore, the head is like cotton and my nose keeps dripping! Not a pretty sight.... I hate having a cold, and I have no time for it right now either! Grrrr...

Tonight I'm trying to stay warm and drink lots of fluid. Preferably water with lime ;)

And soon I'll try to go to bed early.... If you knew me you'll know that it is not an easy thing to do, being me! =>

Waves and wind

Today I had to cross the fjord for a visit on the south side.

It has been a beautiful day! But even though the sun shone and it was quite warm inside; the wind was freezing cold outside. I took some pictures while crossing. With the ferry riding the waves and me sitting in the car - away from the wind - it was not an easy task to get any sharp photos; but I tried :D

On the way south:

On my way home 2-3 hours later:

 Posted by Hello And, yes, it is the same mountain. A little bit off it in the first picture and the whole of it in the second.

Daily Read for Lent - 15


  • Psalm 72 (am)
  • Jere 3:6-18; Rom 1:28-2:11; John 5:1-18
  • Psalm 119:73-79

tirsdag, februar 22, 2005


Couldn't help my self for taking some new pictures. We've had another beautiful day and now the SnowBells are blooming :D Enjoy!

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Daily Read for Lent - 14


  • Psalm 61; Psalm 62 (am)
  • Jere 2:1-13; Rom 1:16-25; John 4:43-54
  • Psalm 68

A few years ago we got a new liturgy for use in funerals in my church. Now we can choose from a wider rang of texts and prayers. One of the things I most appreciate is from the last Psalm in today's read. These words I say outside, close to the grave a short while before the coffin shall be put into the earth. For me it has a world of meaning:

Our God is a God who saves;
from the Sovereign LORD comes escape from death.

mandag, februar 21, 2005

Some help please!

When I stopped by IKEA the other day, I bought some new chairs. I put them together last night and think they look good. But I want to paint them though. What color do you suggest?? The living room is BLUE... And as usual there are some mess on the table (I'm going to clean one of these days =>)

This is some of my favorite colors:

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Daily Read for Lent - 13


  • Psalm 56; Psalm 57; Psalm 58 (am)
  • Jere 1:11-19; Rom 1:1-15; John 4:27-42
  • Psalm 64; Psalm 65 (pm)

More spring.....

Was out this morning for some pictures in the sun, and I couldn't help my self for one more picture of the soon blooming "Snow-bells" (Norwegian name - don't know the English one..) They are all over my lawn and they are just beautiful!  Posted by Hello

Soon there also will be tulips and "Easter lilies" (yellow ones). I'm not a real gardening person but I love watching it all come to bloom, and this spring I have promised my self to start early on.... But there is still some time ;)

søndag, februar 20, 2005

Soon Spring!

The flowers is really growing in my garden!
This was the second day with SUN! Hurray! :D  Posted by Hello

Another beautiful day says goodbye..

This is not so sharp, but the sun made such a beautiful shine on the mountain who was covered with new snow! Posted by Hello

Daily Read for Lent - 12


  • Psalm 24; Psalm 29 (am)
  • Jere 1:1-10; 1 Cor 3:11-23; Mark 3:31-4:9
  • Psalm 8; Psalm 84 (pm)

I'm not quite up to date with my reading. But I can say right now: Psalm 8 is one of my favorite psalms. I've known it by heart since I learned it as a song when I was a teenager. And a good thing was that. Because when I was up for exam in Hebrew this psalm was the one I should translate!! I passed much because I knew it so well ;D

lørdag, februar 19, 2005

Daily Read for Lent - 8-11

I'm so behind on my Bible reading because of my trip home and time spent with family instead of the Scripture.... I'll try to catch up today :D


  • Psalm 55 (am)
  • Deut 11:18-28; Heb 5:1-10; John 4:1-26
  • Psalm 138; Psalm 139 (pm)


  • Psalm 40; Psalm 54 (am)
  • Deut 10:12-22; Heb 4:11-16; John 3:22-36
  • Psalm 51 (pm)


  • Psalm 50; Psalm 59; Psalm 60 (am)
  • Deut 9:23-10:5; Heb 4:1-10; John 3:16-21
  • Psalm 19; Psalm 46 (pm)


  • Psalm 119:49-72 (am)
  • Deut 9:13-21; Heb 3:12-19; John 2:23-3:15
  • Psalm 49; Psalm 53 (pm)

fredag, februar 18, 2005

Friday's Feast; Thirty Six

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Appetizer - Name 2 things you do that you consider beneficial to your health I do laugh when ever I find a reason for it and try to drink a little more water than coffee!

Soup - If you made a New Year's resolution, how's it going so far? I didn't make one this year either and it's going fabulously ;)

Salad - Name something that has happened lately that bothers you. That there still are people dying of hunger when there is enough food in the world..

Main Course - What is your favorite quote, and who said it? "I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen not only because I see it but because by it I see everything else" by C. S. Lewis

Dessert - What do you collect?I do collect books of all kind (can't part with any of them.....) and then there is the elephants...

Why isn't there anything on??

My day of doing nothing has made me very tired, so now all I want is to watch some television! But there is not a thing on, that I want to see, even though I have quite a few different channels - why is that????

An update... :)

Sorry for no posting this last days! The schedule has just been to tight....

A little recap of what has happened:

After the "lock out"-incident on Tuesday I used the rest of the day to visit family, first my Grandmother, then my brother and his family and last my mom and dad. I was only on visit back home for a few days and the time went so quickly. It was sad to leave them not knowing when I'll see them again. (But we'll keep in touch by phone and SMS of course =>)

I left on Wednesday at 11 am and was back home at 10 pm. I had even had time for a stop at IKEA for an hour, so the trip was as fast as I could whish for. I used a different road, because the weather was sunny and there was no wind. And there was a lot of beautiful sceneries (but no digital camera though!) I was so tired that I almost went straight to bed when I got home.

I slept long on Thursday morning, and started work at 11 am. And then there was work until 11 pm. Again soooo tired; but I made some time to watch reruns of Seventh Heaven - they always makes me feel good :o)

Today I have the day off, again ;) I slept long and have had a visit from a friend. Now I have a lot to do in my house; but I have decided to take it slow today and do more tomorrow. So good to have two days after one another with no work! This weekend I'll sure enjoy :o)

Have a good Friday; I'll be back later!

tirsdag, februar 15, 2005

Locked out!

I was supposed to visit my Gran now, but here I'm sitting! My mom locked me out of her house!

Ok, she didn't mean to do it...

I've slept over at my friends house and made a deal with my mom that she should put the key "outside" when she left for a swim. When I got here though, there was no key. She forgot to leave it for me! So now I'm sitting here in the house where I usually stay when visiting my parents. We have two houses on the farm; this is the one I lived in most of my childhood - before we switched house with my fathers parents. Now they both are dead and I have moved in....., whenever I'm at visit that is. But it is no warm water her and there is a lot to do to get this place up to date again. I love to paint though! And soon I'll discover how I can do the bathroom useable again ;o) A project for the summer?!? It is funny to do things on my own! But it is not a job quickely done...

Anyhow - I have talked with Gran and she wanted me to come a little later. I'll wait for my mom and then I'll head out to make some shopping and probably drop by my brother's house for a little while. I think I want to see if there is sale on some of the digitale cameraes............, I so want one :)

Wish you a Happy day and God Bless <3

Daily Read for Lent -7


  • Psalm 45 (am)
  • Deut 9:4-12; Heb 3:1-11; John 2:13-22
  • Psalm 47; Psalm 48 (pm)

mandag, februar 14, 2005



Today I'll visit an old friend. She's one of my oldest friends and we don't see each other so often because we live in different areas in Norway. But before then I have to go to the dentist (not a favorite of mine!). Hope there is nothing to do :)

Wish you all a happy valentinesday!

Daily Read for Lent - 6


  • Psalm 41; Psalm 52 (am)
  • Deut 8:11-18; Heb 2:11-18; John 2:1-12
  • Psalm 44 (pm)

søndag, februar 13, 2005

Mothersday ;)

The sleep was good, and long. Now my mom has made dinner for me, and soon I'm heading over to my brothers house for visit. I love to see them all again!

Today is "Mothers Day" here in Norway, and yesterday I found the right gift. A helpbook for crosswords addicts. My mom can't take a day without! The funny thing though was that yesterday when I had to remove her old book to give room, she shaked her head and rolled (almost =>) her eyes and said:

"I can't understand why nobody gave me a new one for Christmas!"
Well, maybe she can now??

Moms calling; dinnertime! Hope she likes her gift!

Happy Sunday to everyone :o)

Daily read for Lent - 5


  • Psalm 63; Psalm 98 (am)
  • Deut 8:1-10; 1. Cor 1:17-31; Mark 2:18-22
  • Psalm 103 (pm)

Tired and happy :)

Good to be visiting my family, it has been a long time since last time. I got here around 7 pm, the drive was just over 50 kilometers. The trip took me 10 hours today and it went ok, I even saw the sun for a little while.

I am now so tired, after the drive and hours with talk that has followed; that I'll just write this and then fall down in my bed and sleep for a long time :o)

Have a good night!


lørdag, februar 12, 2005

Happy Weekend!

Then I'm on my way. Family here I come ;o)
Must just make huge amount of coffee, it is a looooooooooong drive!

Wish you all a happy weekend; I'm not leaving for Mars so I'll pop in from time to time :o)


Daily read for Lent - 4


  • Psalm 30; Psalm 32 (am)
  • Deut 7:17-26; Titus 3:1-15; John 1:43-51
  • Psalm 42; Psalm 43 (pm)

fredag, februar 11, 2005

Friday's feast!

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Appetizer - What do you want for Valentine's Day? Anything with a heart on, and maybe a boyfriend ;o)

Soup - If you could change the color of something you own, what would it be and which color would you make it? A frame around a picture that's dear to me is not painted, I would want it to be GOLD

Salad - What's your favorite day of the week and why? Monday - my relaxing- and rechargingday!

Main Course - What excuse do you use most often? "Sorry, but can I take that later?"

Dessert - Name something or someone you feel sorry for.My Grandmother who broke her hip ten days ago, she's doing ok but has still much pain. Yesterday she came home from the hospital.

Blogs eats minutes...

Grrr... I keep burning my food!!

I was online, just some minutes, giving the food a little time to get ready. Reading a little here, surfing a little there; not long at all! Or rather it didn't feel long! On my return to the kitchen, I fond my dinner all black and smelly! :(

And this is not the first time!!! Grr...

Some snowy pictures!

Someone wanted pictures of the snow :)
It's not that much coming down this time, but a little something!
Soon it will all rain away, so enjoy :D

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I'm stuck at work not sure if I actually have anything I need to do.....
Oh, well there is a lot ;) But not sure if I shall start anything right now. Just update my calendar and then go home to do some laundry (!) and enjoy my days off!

Daily read for Lent - 3


  • Psalm 95; Psalm 31 (am)
  • Deut 7:12-16; Titus 2:1-15; John 1:35-42
  • Psalm 35 (pm)

torsdag, februar 10, 2005

Snow - again

Can you believe it? We got snow again tonight! Not that much actually, not even enough to cover the ground - but still snow. And I who shall drive over the mountain this weekend..... Hope it stops today!

I'm off for a long day (not starting until 10 am though =>). First there is a meeting for all the pastors in this area, then we shall plan a weekend for the youths attending confirmation classes and then I have a class! Finish around 8 pm. So not a lot of posts today ;o)

Have a wonderful day!

Daily read for Lent - 2


  • Psalm 37:1-18 (am)
  • Deut 7:6-11; Titus 1:1-16; John 1:29-34
  • Psalm 37:19-42 (pm)

I will tell you a little story from some years ago. I was on a trip with a group of youths attending confirmation class, one of the leaders asked me if he was aloud to learn the youths a verse from the Bible and I said: "Of course! Do your best." And so he did! We repeated the verse after him several time, each time a little different, I sure knew by then that he had talent for this - he got the beat just right. After a while I think we all knew the verse quite well; in addition we had a good time copying him as best we could.

The verse stock with me, and the amazing thing was - it stucked with the youths as well :o) A long time after I met one of the girls at the supermarked. She smiled at me and then she said:

Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him, and he will act.

I thought of her when I read from Psalm 37:5 today ;o) Wonder how she's doing and if the verse still do matter to her; I sure hope so!

The Human Clock

I've spent most of the evening surfing the net; relaxing and enjoying my self for the most part. On my way through I found a link to The Human Clock. Here all the minutes in an 24-hour day has got their own picture (some of them have several) taken by people from around the world. Many of the pictures show people holding sheets with the time written on them, others have time written in the sand or on mountains and so much more. Maybe you even want to send your own ;)


onsdag, februar 09, 2005

Daily read for Lent 1

This Lent I decided to catch up on my Biblereading! Each morning I'll post the Bible texts for the day. Then later in the day I will try to post some small thoughts about the daily reading.
Ash Wednesday

  • Psalm 95
  • Psalm 32
  • Psalm 143
  • Jon 3:1-4:11
  • Heb 12:1-14
  • Luke 18:9-14
  • Psalm 102
  • Psalm 130

Two thing jumped at me today:
1. The word of the tax collector: ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’
2. Gods love for and mercy upon sinners!

Lent is to see that I as a human is dust compared with God, and also to see that God takes dust and makes something valuable out of it!

The best place for me to live..

...if I ever decided to move to USA!

A few days ago I found this fun place to search after the right spot for me (or you) to live in USA. I have no plans to move over there - but you'll never know what happen some few years from now! And I thought it was fun to know where to take a vacation too ;o)

I had fun playing and answered the question as correctly as I could. This is the places that I'm told are the right spot for me.

It is quite some list!
And I don't know any of these places, but maybe you do!??

Please tell me all about it!!!!
And yes I know; I'm a country girl! :o)

  1. Kalispell, Montana

  2. Metaline Falls, Washington

  3. Tooele-Grantsville, Utah

  4. Lanesboro, Montana

  5. Homer-Kenai Peniksula, Alaska

  6. New York Mills, Minnesota

  7. Scottsbluff, Nebraska

  8. Sandpoint, Idaho

  9. Pierre, South Dakota

  10. Littleton, New Hampshire

  11. Windham, New York

  12. Livingston, Montana

  13. Leadville, Colorado

  14. Glens Falls, New York

  15. Spencer, Iowa

  16. Saranac Lake, New York

  17. Coeurd d'Alene, Idaho

  18. Bremerton, Washington

  19. Moab, Utah

  20. Helena, Montana

  21. Hutchinson, Minnesota

  22. Wenatchee, Washington

  23. Cedar City, Utah

  24. Sheridan, Wyoming

Have a good night!!
(Sorry if I misspelled any name, I'm tired.. => should be in bed by now!)

tirsdag, februar 08, 2005


For a little while I've been thinking of how to use my Lent. Usually I give up a thing I like and give the cost of it to our Church Aid. This years thing is SWEETS(!) It won't be easy; but neither was Jesus dying..... And there is a reward for my health applied!

This year I also wanted a reason to read the Bible other than the obvious: It's my job! ;) I've been dreading setting up a plan for the reading from scratch; that would of course work but it is so much easier when others do it for me :o) After a short search I found just the thing I was looking for. A daily reading of the Bible based on the Anglican The Book of Common Prayer. I've decided to try it and see what this Lent will bring!

Do you do something extra for Lent??

Here in Norway we call this day Fat Tuesday; the last day before Lent -> so now I'm going to eat some sweets! =>

The room is taken!

A while back I told you about the congregations search for a room which the children and youth could use. (There is no extra rooms in the church and our offices are close by but not in the church).

Today we used the room for the first time; 9 children and 3 leaders. It was so cold - I couldn't get the electricity to function - but still so great to be in our own room. Now we are full of ideas on how to paint and decorate; which furniture to buy and where to place it. Hopefully many of the children and youths can join in on the work so we together can make the room both beautiful and practical to use for all ages!??!!

The next thing to do is to name the room; we can't keep calling it the room no can we?!

mandag, februar 07, 2005

Notarius Publicus seal

Today I visited the courthouse and got my signature witnessed and a "Notarius Publicus" seal on my adoption document. I don't usually have much buisniss in a courthouse and this was my first visit ever, I think. But last time I tried to get a seal on my documents I got it all wrong so this time I dared nothing else than going for the top :) A few hours later the documents was on their way by mail. It feels good. Tomorrow I'll send some extra photo as well and then I hope I can breathe free for a while. No more getting documents back!

Then I have to wait for the documents to reach Ethiopia before anyone can try to pinpoint the time of waiting on more than a guess. It has been a long journey the road to be giving a child, but it feels like it really can come true this spring/summer of 2005. Wow, my life is going to change so much! For the better ;o)

I also visited my friend B and her twin girls. It has been so long time since we saw each other last and it was so good to be together with her. L and D is my favorite twins, and their mother one of my really good friends! It is nice just to be there and catch up on the news.

Hope to see them soon; and wish them good luck with the move. The whole family have to move out of the big house because the house they live in contain fungus (it is not healty to live in it), next week they'll be living in an apartment not far away but much smaller than the house. Maybe they will be living there for a year; I feel for them and for the tiring work of moving everything out or in boxes. But on the other hand once they'll get to move back they will be living in a healthy house; with new kitchen and more. So in the end it will turn out good; hope they can take comfort in that thought!

søndag, februar 06, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

Image Hosted by

  1. Shelter:: Protect
  2. Karate Kid:: Childhood
  3. Andrew:: Lloyd Webber
  4. Rib:: Christmas
  5. Push it:: Run
  6. Creep:: Crawl
  7. Chainlink:: Blogroll
  8. Squash:: Tennis
  9. No mercy:: Parenthood...
  10. Superhero:: The Incredibles

Sunday Quote

Again my sermon and service was rotated around the Bible; but this was the last time :o) Quite ok for me, it gets tiring to talk about the same thing every time! So here I want to give you a quote from the text that belongs to this last Sunday before Lent. We call the day Fastelavn søndag; I have no idea how to translate this other than the last word means Sunday(!) When I was growing up this was the day we wanted the branches we've taken in a few weeks earlier to be green with newborn leaves - a promise of spring and new life. Often we decorated them whit colorful feathers.

In the text we meet a man who have a lot to thank Jesus for; he got a new life both on earth and in heaven when Jesus healed his eyes and saw his faith. For there was no wrong in his spiritual sight, even though he was blind. He saw what Jesus could do for him, when nobody else did. And he cried: "Jesus, have mercy on me!" Kyrie eleison! The same cry we still use in our church when we pray for forgiveness. Jesus turn to us as well and ask: “What do you want me to do for you?”

As Jesus approached Jericho, a blind man was sitting by the roadside begging. When he heard the crowd going by, he asked what was happening. They told him, “Jesus of Nazareth is passing by.”He called out, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” Those who led the way rebuked him and told him to be quiet, but he shouted all the more, “Son of David, have mercy on me!”

Jesus stopped and ordered the man to be brought to him. When he came near, Jesus asked him, “What do you want me to do for you?” “Lord, I want to see,” he replied. Jesus said to him, “Receive your sight; your faith has healed you.” Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus, praising God. When all the people saw it, they also praised God.

Luke 18:35-43

God bless you!


Beautiful Sunset

Nothing like a beautiful sunset. This one taken out of my window (yes you can see it =>) a couple of minutes ago! Thought I wanted to share :o) Posted by Hello

lørdag, februar 05, 2005

A hug goes a long way!

Wish you all a happy weekend and a good nights sleep!! Posted by Hello

A slow Saturday salute :)

Oh I love these days, when there really is no important things to do (or very few..) and I end up doing a little bit of that and a little bit of that! But not much of anything, except for being on www that is ;)

I've surfed around for a while, started to plan the left side on my blog - I need some changes there (something about what comes first and last and so on). I've had a visitor, which mean I'm soon headed for the office for a quick phone call and some faxes to send. When I'm back I'll figure out what to have for dinner and then I need to find a way to remove some of the mess in this room. Usually I keep my eyes on the monitor but whenever I look around I feel bad! So words to self: don't look around :o)

Have a wonderful day! I'll see you soon; maybe at:

Those animals (or whatever they are..) is just so cute!

fredag, februar 04, 2005

Friday's Feast

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Appetizer - If you were a dog, what breed would you be, and why?
I would be a "Greenland dog" or maybe better known as Husky (?) because it is a dog who can survive very tuff climates...

Soup - What does the color purple make you think of?
It is one of my all time favorite colors; it just makes me feel good and relaxes me!

Salad - Approximately how long does it take you to get ready each morning?
Not long; I stay in bed as long as possible (and sometimes longer...) Seldom more than 30 minute I'll guess.

Main Course - How many cousins do you have, and are you close to them?
I have six cousin, five boys and one girl. They comes from two families. When I grow up we spent quite a lot time together, now not so much. But I know of the big events and receive Christmas card from some of them. The female one I speak with on MSN at least once a month and sometimes her brothers too. And then we usually meets in the summer :o)

Dessert - Take your initials (first, middle, last) and come up with something else those letters could stand for. (Example: SFO = Sweet Funny Otter)
ABS = Amazing Blue Serenity... lol

To a little girl soon to be big!


Hope that six year suites you well :o)

I love being your aunt and now I look so much forward to my trip back home to see you and the rest of the family!

Hope there will be time for some celebrating for us too!

A little minute to my self...

I'm steeling a little minute to my self; the youths who has been here the last hours found that they had to go out and by some candy. Soon others will join them and the rest of this day will be filled with talk, smile and making dinner together. I do this once a month (or close to it) as a place to be for teenagers above 15 year. It is a nice thing and I usually have a really good time together with them. Today they came a little bit early; but I couldn't let them go outside all those hours either (they had to wait some though, I needed some food and some time to clean the house.......)

Have a nice weekend everyone; and THANKS to everybody who have commented on the new design; I love it too! There is some things to take care off before it is fully up and going, but I hope that Mia will be able to solve it soon! ;) (she got a whole list from me yesterday.....sorry Mia no relaxing weekend =>)

I can hear them outside, so I better run!
Tell me: do any of you work with youths and teenagers???

torsdag, februar 03, 2005

New design..

I have had some help from Mia at 'Bella designing my blog. There is still some things to sort out, but hope that everything works out fine soon ;)

Let me know how you like it!

An update on my Grandmother:
She is out of surgery and was sleeping this morning my mother told me. They said everything was fine. So I am glad, seems like I am going to speak with her after all in a few weeks on my trip home. :o) Thanks for prayers!

onsdag, februar 02, 2005

In a glimpse of an eye..

I was in the last part of preparing for my meeting with parents (of some youths attending confirmation classes) - on the south side, when my phone rang. I saw it was my mum and knew that something was not right. I heard it in her voice immediately. And I feared the worst.

It turned out to be not quite as bad as I feared, but still I felt terrible for a while and sorry for my grandmother. She was just finished with her dentist appointment. And almost down the stair, when she fall. It is not the first time Grandma have fallen; not even the first time in this stair my mum told me. But this time she didn't get away with bruises; she broke her hip. Now she's in hospital and they take good care off her. Tonight they are going to operate and everything seems to work out just fine. But you'll never know, she is after all 94 years of age. But strong in everything but her bone! ;)

My Grandma, or Mormor as we call her in Norwegian (meaning mother's mother), is famous for braking bones. I think maybe this is a first with an uncomplicated fracture. I can remember from my childhood having fun using her crouches after she crushed her ankle. And I remember her, some years later, having some clay to play with that we children was not allowed to use. Off course it was for her exercise after a ugly fracture of the elbow; I think we knew that - but still it looked like fun.

It's been a while since last time she broke anything. I know my mother is afraid and to be honest I am a little worried my self. So if you can, please remember her in your prayers and thoughts this night (Norwegian time)?? Thanks!

This is from her celebrating the big 90:

Make Poverty History

My white band is up!

You and I can make a difference; this I believe! Together we can change the world - one person at a time - and make poverty a thing of history.
Go to Make Poverty History and read more about it!

God bless!


Trade Justice. Drop the debt. More and better aid.

Sarah has some good thoughts about this, visit her and get wiser ;)

tirsdag, februar 01, 2005

To Benedicte! ;)

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This little post on my blog because I want to congratulate you and say:


I love being your friend!!
I cherish the time we spend together :o)
I wish you all that good is
and Gods blessing over your life and work!!
Take care!
Hope to see you soon =>

Love from anne berit

Unconscious Mutterings

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  1. Coroner:: Scarpetta
  2. Mystify:: Da Vinci Code
  3. Corroborate:: fact
  4. Misinterpret:: fight
  5. Humorless:: gray
  6. Calculus:: math
  7. Eye for an eye:: The Old Testament
  8. CPR:: life or death
  9. Stitched:: my favorite childhoods bear ;)
  10. Facility:: easy

Sometimes this is like an English-test. New words and words with different meanings make me unsure how to understand the word itself.... but it might be a part of the game: we understand differently and our mutterings will then also differ from one another ;)

A day with friends + blog fun/thriller

Started this day early even though I should not go to work. It suited me just fine. I got some time to upload the Wordpress files and try to et everything going. And it went ok!!!! I was so happy (even though I know there is loads of work left if I want the blog to look like I want....- and that I do =>)

So keep on coming, I will be here for quite some time yet!

After some time at out in the www I got a visit from a friend. We talked and drank coffee; had a really good time together. It's been too long since last time! And even though she was here some hours the time went quickly! But she had eventually to go home with her daughter (Hello! L-E!) and make dinner for the family.

It was time for some food for me as well (and some Seventh Heaven ;>)And then some time spent on www again meeting my friends online, or some of them ;) I shall admit I have been a little preoccupied with the Lime2 project.

But then I did the big thing! I deleted a necessary file (an old file I might add) - from directory --> and I was thrown out from my own domain!!!

Thanks to good support at BlueDomino and the easiness of WordPress it all went a lot better than I feared - and now I'm up and going again ;) Happy as this morning.

Never say that life with blogs can't be thrilling!!

Then this post has gotten far to long already. But I've learned some new moves and I liked to try them ;) I also want to say that in the middle of it all; the banning from site and the nice talk with support. There also was time for a warm and good chat with my good friend Bene! You go girl!

God bless you all!!
It's time for me to sleep some hours.
Wow it has become February already!!

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