onsdag, februar 09, 2005

The best place for me to live..

...if I ever decided to move to USA!

A few days ago I found this fun place to search after the right spot for me (or you) to live in USA. I have no plans to move over there - but you'll never know what happen some few years from now! And I thought it was fun to know where to take a vacation too ;o)

I had fun playing and answered the question as correctly as I could. This is the places that I'm told are the right spot for me.

It is quite some list!
And I don't know any of these places, but maybe you do!??

Please tell me all about it!!!!
And yes I know; I'm a country girl! :o)

  1. Kalispell, Montana

  2. Metaline Falls, Washington

  3. Tooele-Grantsville, Utah

  4. Lanesboro, Montana

  5. Homer-Kenai Peniksula, Alaska

  6. New York Mills, Minnesota

  7. Scottsbluff, Nebraska

  8. Sandpoint, Idaho

  9. Pierre, South Dakota

  10. Littleton, New Hampshire

  11. Windham, New York

  12. Livingston, Montana

  13. Leadville, Colorado

  14. Glens Falls, New York

  15. Spencer, Iowa

  16. Saranac Lake, New York

  17. Coeurd d'Alene, Idaho

  18. Bremerton, Washington

  19. Moab, Utah

  20. Helena, Montana

  21. Hutchinson, Minnesota

  22. Wenatchee, Washington

  23. Cedar City, Utah

  24. Sheridan, Wyoming

Have a good night!!
(Sorry if I misspelled any name, I'm tired.. => should be in bed by now!)


At 7:07 p.m., Blogger Wendi said...

Hi, I actually found your blog by visiting random guestmaps. Guestmaps are great!! I was reading your list of places to live in the USA and there is one I know of very well, Littleton, NH. My dad has a house very close to Littleton. I grew up driving through it every weekend and school vacation. It is a very small laid back town. It is also extremely beautiful. Well I just thought I would comment on that. I enjoyed reading your blog. Take care..


At 7:29 p.m., Blogger anne berit said...

Hi Wendi!

I was wondering about deleting my Guestmap, and then come you around - so I think I'll keep it for a while ;)

I had fun with the places and I think I will look into some of them just for fun. And because someday I would love to take a drive on the countryside somewhere in USA. I sure look into the town you know - I fall easily for beauty....



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