tirsdag, februar 01, 2005

A day with friends + blog fun/thriller

Started this day early even though I should not go to work. It suited me just fine. I got some time to upload the Wordpress files and try to et everything going. And it went ok!!!! I was so happy (even though I know there is loads of work left if I want the blog to look like I want....- and that I do =>)

So keep on coming, I will be here for quite some time yet!

After some time at out in the www I got a visit from a friend. We talked and drank coffee; had a really good time together. It's been too long since last time! And even though she was here some hours the time went quickly! But she had eventually to go home with her daughter (Hello! L-E!) and make dinner for the family.

It was time for some food for me as well (and some Seventh Heaven ;>)And then some time spent on www again meeting my friends online, or some of them ;) I shall admit I have been a little preoccupied with the Lime2 project.

But then I did the big thing! I deleted a necessary file (an old file I might add) - from directory --> and I was thrown out from my own domain!!!

Thanks to good support at BlueDomino and the easiness of WordPress it all went a lot better than I feared - and now I'm up and going again ;) Happy as this morning.

Never say that life with blogs can't be thrilling!!

Then this post has gotten far to long already. But I've learned some new moves and I liked to try them ;) I also want to say that in the middle of it all; the banning from site and the nice talk with support. There also was time for a warm and good chat with my good friend Bene! You go girl!

God bless you all!!
It's time for me to sleep some hours.
Wow it has become February already!!

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