fredag, februar 04, 2005

A little minute to my self...

I'm steeling a little minute to my self; the youths who has been here the last hours found that they had to go out and by some candy. Soon others will join them and the rest of this day will be filled with talk, smile and making dinner together. I do this once a month (or close to it) as a place to be for teenagers above 15 year. It is a nice thing and I usually have a really good time together with them. Today they came a little bit early; but I couldn't let them go outside all those hours either (they had to wait some though, I needed some food and some time to clean the house.......)

Have a nice weekend everyone; and THANKS to everybody who have commented on the new design; I love it too! There is some things to take care off before it is fully up and going, but I hope that Mia will be able to solve it soon! ;) (she got a whole list from me yesterday.....sorry Mia no relaxing weekend =>)

I can hear them outside, so I better run!
Tell me: do any of you work with youths and teenagers???

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