onsdag, februar 02, 2005

Make Poverty History

My white band is up!

You and I can make a difference; this I believe! Together we can change the world - one person at a time - and make poverty a thing of history.
Go to Make Poverty History and read more about it!

God bless!


Trade Justice. Drop the debt. More and better aid.

Sarah has some good thoughts about this, visit her and get wiser ;)


At 7:02 p.m., Blogger makuahine said...

Ever sponsor a child before? That is awesome to do!

I am going to check out your link now...

At 11:56 p.m., Blogger anne berit said...

Yes I have, for many years now. I think it is important to give something back for everything I've been given....

But this thing is that, and even more! Now it is about how we think, how our people with great power thinks. If we all agreed on this - I think we can do it. Look to Sout East Asia, people and country all over the world gave and still gives a lot of money, time and effort!

In Norway we have an aid-organisation "owned" (at least in a way) of the churches in Norway, this organisation have a youth wing: Changemaker. And their slogan is: Off course we can change the world!!

I love that!


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