torsdag, februar 03, 2005

New design..

I have had some help from Mia at 'Bella designing my blog. There is still some things to sort out, but hope that everything works out fine soon ;)

Let me know how you like it!

An update on my Grandmother:
She is out of surgery and was sleeping this morning my mother told me. They said everything was fine. So I am glad, seems like I am going to speak with her after all in a few weeks on my trip home. :o) Thanks for prayers!


At 9:22 p.m., Blogger makuahine said...

I LOVE IT!!!!! Absolutely wonderful! :-)

Oh and YAY for your grandma!!!!!!! :-)

At 1:18 a.m., Blogger Janet said...

The new design looks very cool.

I'm glad that things went fine with your grandmother.


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