mandag, februar 07, 2005

Notarius Publicus seal

Today I visited the courthouse and got my signature witnessed and a "Notarius Publicus" seal on my adoption document. I don't usually have much buisniss in a courthouse and this was my first visit ever, I think. But last time I tried to get a seal on my documents I got it all wrong so this time I dared nothing else than going for the top :) A few hours later the documents was on their way by mail. It feels good. Tomorrow I'll send some extra photo as well and then I hope I can breathe free for a while. No more getting documents back!

Then I have to wait for the documents to reach Ethiopia before anyone can try to pinpoint the time of waiting on more than a guess. It has been a long journey the road to be giving a child, but it feels like it really can come true this spring/summer of 2005. Wow, my life is going to change so much! For the better ;o)

I also visited my friend B and her twin girls. It has been so long time since we saw each other last and it was so good to be together with her. L and D is my favorite twins, and their mother one of my really good friends! It is nice just to be there and catch up on the news.

Hope to see them soon; and wish them good luck with the move. The whole family have to move out of the big house because the house they live in contain fungus (it is not healty to live in it), next week they'll be living in an apartment not far away but much smaller than the house. Maybe they will be living there for a year; I feel for them and for the tiring work of moving everything out or in boxes. But on the other hand once they'll get to move back they will be living in a healthy house; with new kitchen and more. So in the end it will turn out good; hope they can take comfort in that thought!

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