lørdag, februar 26, 2005

The week got feet; and run....

It's Saturday evening, I'm sitting by my self. Drinking tea, while surfing Bzoo and BE. The tea is a new blend: African Rooibos by Lipton. Found it in my local grocerystore yesterday, a good thing because I have thought about trying it for a while. Rooibos is from South Africa, I think, and is a favorite tea in southern Africa (If I'm wrong about this - please let me know!!!) Some years ago I visited South Africa and I loved it there! Maybe one day I got to visit again?? Look here for more: African Tea, Rooibos Story

Anyway! This post is a little update from my life the last couple of days.

The school's all over Norway has had winter-brake this week. And I thought it should be a quiet and easy week. Oh, was I wrong! Yesterday was a funeral and there is a new one on Tuesday, both of them unexpected both for the family and me. The woman we buried yesterday was also far to young for dying, if you ask me.

It's been over the top with things to do - and add a cold to that; then you know how I feel right about now! :o) Tomorrow I have to services; in the afternoon. A good thing I don't have to get up early, it doesn't suit me well....

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To recap: I haven't done all the things I thought I would have time to do, but the week has not been all that bad:
The sun has shone from blue sky for over a week!
That is huge - if you ask me!!!

Now I'll go and brew myself another cup of Rooibos Tea ;)

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