lørdag, mars 26, 2005


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fredag, mars 25, 2005

Long Friday --> Good Friday

In Norwegian we call this day Long Friday and think about how hard and long it was for Jesus. Many of you call it Good Friday, because what Jesus did this day was good for us. Together they make a whole.


The last weeks I've been posting pictures on my photoblog
A Farmer's Child's Tales from my trip to South Africa. The last two of those pictures is from Shobashobane and now I will tell some more about what happened there 25th of December 1995.

It was our third day in SA, everything was still a little overwhelming - but we were starting to adjust. Some of us was out on the sea fishing for shark (!) The rest of us had a busy day of visiting several places and people. One of those places was Shobashobane and one of these people was he (sorry don't know his name) who stood in front of us and told the story.

Sobashobane belonged to a greater area called Izingolweni. The area is controlled by a Chief and divided into 8 areas, Shobashobane is one of those. The people lived thogether peacefully until the peak of the violence in early 90's. Then some ofthe people joined the Inkata party others became followers of Nelson Mandela and NCA. The majority of the people in the great area belonged to Inkata, but in Shobashobane there was a majority of NCA supporters. The Chief saw this as a problem for the area, he wanted the all to stand together - not fight each other! So he demanded that the NCA supporters should leave Shobashobane; if he needed he would use force to move them.

The NCA supporters, mostly the young people in the village, refused to move. But after several armed attack, many of the non-political villagers left the area.

Then it happened, on the night before Christmas-day, they came in great number; maybe a thousand. They wanted to get rid of the NCA-people once and for all. When they left, 19 people were dead, many more was hurt and a lot of the houses was burnt down.

He lost his daughter, she was only 17. He speaks low and touches us deeply with his story. Together we travel to a graveyard where they are buried. It is not common with graveyards in SA, but they decided to have one place to go with sorrow and loss, and one place to remember. A memory board is placed near, with the name and age of all who got murdered.

He showed us her name: Nyawose Phindle. He showed us her grave. Then we sang together a song of hope in Jesus and heaven. In our Norwegian word and on his zulu melody.

Since the incident there has been much work done in the area of the diaconial institution: Practical Ministries. When we was there they were in the work of building a community-house; trying to bring the people back together. So such a tragedy never will happen again.

torsdag, mars 24, 2005

On the move!

I'm in the process of moving to a new domain with my Lime. So far I have not imported all the post from this blog to the new, but I have the ones for 2004. I'm still posting here some more days, but will move on after a while - so please visit my new Lime home and update bookmarks ;)


Maundy Thursday

I'm a little slow at learning; have just recently discovered that my pc makes a good DVD player.... :D I have no DVD-player attacked to my TV, but now I can watch DVD's still ;) Since Sunday I've seen: "The Day after Tomorrow" and "The Incredibles". The films are really different (!) but I liked them both. Next on the list is maybe "The Passion of the Christ", but I think I will see that one at my neighbor's house... What is your favorite????

Now I'm just home relaxing a bit. I've been at one church for my first service of the day. Tonight there is a new one in the church close by my house. We're doing a new thing this year; celebrating an Easter-meal similar to the Passover meal but with the Messiah = Jesus. We've never done it before so it is both scaring and fun... Hope people dare to come - there will be feeding =>

onsdag, mars 23, 2005

Note to self:

When you want to get up early in the morning; you got to be home before 3 am!!!

søndag, mars 20, 2005

Sunday Quote

Today is Palm Sunday the day where the crowd greeted Jesus at Jerusalems gate when he came riding in on a donkey. They greeted him like a king, laid out branches and clothes on the road and shouted: Hosanna! (= give salvation). They never thought he would do it the way he did!

The day before he was a visitor at his friends house in Bethany. There Mary poured nard over him. The whole house smelled like perfume and the others asked: was this really necessary; couldn't the money rather be used on the poor??

"Leave her alone," Jesus replied. "It was intended that she should save this perfume for the day of my burial. You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me."
(The full text: John 12:1-15)

Wonder if Mary ever knew how important her act was?
Or that we 2000 year after remember her for what she did that day??

lørdag, mars 19, 2005

Terri Schiavo

I'm terrible late with this post; but I post it anyhow.

The last weeks I've been reading a lot of blogs about Terri Schiavo and the ruling of taking away her intravenous given food so she'll starve to death. I don't know anything about this other than what I've been reading on other blogs. But it seems like a bad idea to let her die in this manner, even though it can't have been an easy decision for the court either. But if any of the stories about Terri that I've read is true (and they probably are) it is my opinion that the court made a wrong decision; and this is a little blog from Norway trying to tell the world that!

If you want more info, Catez at All things 2 all keep us up to date, please take at trip over to her and join us in a prayer for a better solution than the present one.

Food and talk

Sorry of the lack of postings lately; there just has been so much else - and a hand who needed rest... But I feel better know ;)

Yesterday my house was filled with young people again. Every so often I invite the teenagers, in the area I'm pastor, from age 15/16 and above. We talk, make dinner and eats, sometimes we watch TV, other times we just talk some more... They usually stay from 8 pm to 12 or 12:30 am. For me it is a way of keeping in touch with them after Confirmation and also a way to learn how it is to be young today. Many of those attending live far away during the week because of school and don't see each other that often either. So I'm not the only one enjoying this evenings of FOOD & TALK.

fredag, mars 18, 2005

A blessing:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
May the road rise up to meet you
May the wind always be at you back
The sunshine warm upon your face
The rain fall soft upon your fields,
and until we meet again
May God hold you in the hollow of his hand

- an Irish blessing

I will leave you with this one, found it here and there on the web while searcing for stuff on the day. I have gone into a new day, for many of you there is still much left of St. Patrick's day. So to all you who celebrate: enjoy and God bless!!

*hugs*Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

torsdag, mars 17, 2005

A little post....

I'm out here surfing a little again. This last week has been busy starting with the weekend and moving to long days at work after that. Now I start to land a little and have some time for surfing on BE and BZoo in addition to reading my favorite blogs. I don't feel up to writing much though, so I'll get back to you on that one in a short while ;)


One thing you might help me with: I see that GREEN is an important part of the celebtation of Saint Patrick's day --> WHY IS THAT??? Please help me out here, I'm so curious! (Thanks in advance =>)

onsdag, mars 16, 2005

One boy and one girl!

My friend and colleague gave birth to twins today, around a month early. Both looks healthy in the picture: I just can't wait to see them (in a couple of weeks that is...)

The girl was at 2654 gram and the boy at 2200 gram.

Congratulates from me!!

*happy and giggely*

Snow, snow and snow..

...everywhere I turn there is snow. What a strange winter!!! Most of the snow has fallen on the west coast in stead of in the eastern part of Norway as usual... Today it is snowing again! Like yesterday and the day before that..... At least there was a lot of sunshine too yesterday, today it's only grey. The picture I took on Sunday evening - it looked even better live......... ;)

Posted by Hello

The weekend with youths ended with a service where all of us took part. We had decided to have it in one of the churches on the iceland (or rather icelands). From here it is one hour with car and one hour with ferry... so some traveling we had to do :)

It was a good service, even though some of it didn't go as planned..... (there was some picture no one got to see...) but I got the impression that the youths had a good time and where proud of them selves, and that was, to be honest, the most important thing! The sevice got more rocked than usual because of the band, and I really liked it and they gave of them selves throughout the weekend. I was so glad for having them there!!!!!! And of course some of my earlier confirmants as well ;D

Have a nice day everyone!

*are sending some snow to where you are*

tirsdag, mars 15, 2005

Sorry for no new posts...

..but the picture of my brother has lighten it up hasn't he?? :D

I was just to exhausted to do any real blogging yesterday, other than reading others and commenting a little. I guess there will be no better today.. I'm still at work and will be here a while; today are the big day for Norwegian Church Aid - the single day in the year where they collect most money. All over the country are youths and adults going from door to door asking for a donnation. Many of my confirmants are now out in the field walking for a good cause! This year the money will be used to work against Trafficing on several continents and in different ways. There is also some program for those who got out of this to help them feel safe again and give them education and so on. Until a few weeks ago I thought that slavery was a thing of the past - now I know it's not! And some of the stories I've heard has really been awfull.
Slavery... I didn't know about all these forms that existed. I think it's largely because we aren't expecting it. It is hidden. Generally people would say "No I think you are making it all up", because it's just too incredible.

Erkebiskop Desmond Tutu


On a lighter note: The weekend was good - but oh so tiring!
I'll see you later ;)

fredag, mars 11, 2005

Photo Friday: "Faces"

I have put up a picture on my photoblog for Photo Friday. This week the challenge was "Faces" - and I choose this picture:

My brother close up

Today I'm going for a weekend with the youths attending confirmation; hope everything goes well so that we all can return safe and sound! It would have been good to stay at home - but I think it will be a good weeken to! :D

Happy weekends to you all!!

torsdag, mars 10, 2005

So then I try posting...

I am so curious: will this end up being posted at the new limeblog, or just end up somewhere in the www space ;)

Here goes nothing......... or?

UPDATE after midnight!
This one ended up being posted on the old Lime. Blogger would not cooperate with me, so I had to retrace my steps - and do the whole process again another day. I am not to happy about bloggers ability to publish right about now!! :(

onsdag, mars 09, 2005

New Books!

Yesterday I got some new books in the mail! How I look forward to dig into them :D

I got two books of Alexander McCall Smith; one a collections of stories from Southern Africa: "The Girl who Married a Lion" and the sixth book in The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency - series about Precious Ramotswe and all her experiences as the first female detective in Botswana: "The Company of Cheerful Ladies". The former books are written with warmth and humor - I have great expectations for this new one.

I also ordered two books by Wendy Holden: "Azur Like It" and "The Wives of Bath". I have never read any of her before, but the books sounded like funny tales - so I'll try them out.

Read any good books lately??

Daily Reading for Lent - 29


  • Psalm 101; Psalm 109 (am)
  • Jere 18:1-11; Rom 8:1-11; John 6:27-40
  • Psalm 119:121-144 (pm)

tirsdag, mars 08, 2005

Happy woman's day!

I don't know if you are aware of it or if you even care, but today is
The International Day for Women


Here are some links about the day:

Old poster - translation of a German poster from 1914 :) UN - a little bit about the history of the day; back a hundred years. Cards - some greatlooking one's, spread them! WHO - couldn't help me for some great picture of Gro Bruntland :) This article gives some more in depth background information for the day. WIKI - Wikipedia gives even more links to research...

And I guess there even is more ;) Tell me if you stumble upon something great!

With love and thanks to all women who have struggled and fought for our rights!

Digital Camera

I nearly bought myself a new camera yesterday - but then I learned that Amazon does not skip electronics out of US; what a boomer!!!!!! I am still a little sad :(

This was the camera; Fujifilm Finepix S3100 4MP Digital Camera with 6x Optical Zoom. It is not a cheap camera, but I have to pay more for it here in Norway - so I'll guess that will never happen!

By the way: any good digital camera you can recomend?

Passover Meal

Today we gathered all the pastors of this area, the two deacons and the one church-teacher. It is good to be together like that from time to time and talk and learn; plan and get inspiration. This time we had visitors from both Oslo and Jerusalem. The leader of the Norwegian mission for Israel (mission in form of telling Jews about Jesus) and the leader of the Caspari Center in Jerusalem (a high quality learning and educatoral senter in Israel - recently they have opened a Caspari center in USA too!)

They told us a about the work the mission does in Israel and Mrs Loren gave us a peek into the life of Messianic Jews and told us about the Caspari center and what kind of education and suth you can get there. It was both a time of learning and an eye-opener for me. We can't stop telling Jews about Jesus just because we don't always aprove of their politics; and even though I am no Jew, I think they can learn me a lot about where my faith is from; get to the roots of it for real! To participate in (a short version) the Passover Meal gave me a sense of belonging to a faith with history and I think we can learn much from this meal (and the Sabbath Meal) on how to give our fait to the next generation! How to keep the history alive.

I'll leave you with this, a treat of beautiful pictures :D

Daily Read for Lent - 28


  • Psalm 97; Psalm 99; Psalm 100 (am)
  • Jere 17:19-27; Rom 7:13-25; John 6:16-27
  • Psalm 94; Psalm 95 (pm)

Even though John doesn't mention Peter when he tells of Jesus walking on the water and meeting the disciples far out on the lake, this text make me think of a big picture that my Grandmother and Grandfather had in their "best"room (the room was almost always locked and cold, they used it for birthdays and Christmas and the important days and when important or "long time not seen"-visitors came by; only then was it warmed up).

The picture hang above an old organ when I was a little girl, growing up next door. It was of Peter, whom frightened cried out for Jesus: "Help me, I am going under!"; as it is written below the picture.

This is the picture (or for now: the image of it in my mind) I look for when I try to figure out what Jesus is all about. He is the one who stands where we falls; he is the one that holds when we let go of the grip. He gives us faith to "walk on water"; faith that can overcome all thing! But as Peter we tend to look down, and remember that this is not possible and we starts to sink - we panics and cry out: Help!! And then Jesus grabs hold of us! With loving eyes and a hand that is stronger than anything. He grabs hold of us --> that's what faith in Christ is all about; where it all starts!

God bless!

mandag, mars 07, 2005

Daily Read for Lent 19 - 27 (!)

My Bible-reading got out of hand last week! But finally I'm where I should be again ;) This is a week long resume of the readings in case you want to keep up with me :D


  • Psalm 93; Psalm 96 (am)
  • Jere 6:9-15; 1 Cor 6:12-20; Mark 5:1-20
  • Psalm 34 (pm)


  • Psalm 80 (am)
  • Jere 7:1-15; Rom 4:1-12; John 7:14-36
  • Psalm 77; Psalm 79 (pm)


  • Psalm 78:1-39 (am)
  • Jere 7:21-34; Rom 4:13-25; John 7:37-52
  • Psalm 78:40-72 (pm)


  • Psalm 119:97-120 (am)
  • Jere 8:18-9:6; Rom 5:1-11; John 8:12-20
  • Psalm 81; Psalm 82 (pm)


  • Psalm 42; Psalm 43 (am)
  • Jere 10:11-24; Rom 5:12-21; John 8:21-32
  • Psalm 85; Psalm 86 (pm)


  • Psalm 88 (am)
  • Jere 11:1-8,14-20; Rom 6:1-11; John 8:33-74
  • Psalm 91; Psalm 92 (pm)


  • Psalm 87; Psalm 90 (am)
  • Jere 13:1-11; Rom 6:12-23; John 8:47-59
  • Psalm 136 (pm)


  • Psalm 66; Psalm 67 (am)
  • Jere 14:1-9,17-22; Gal 4:21-5:1; Mark 8:11-21
  • Psalm 19; Psalm 46 (pm)


  • Psalm 89:1-18 (am)
  • Jere 16:10-21; Rom 7:1-12; John 6:1-15
  • Psalm 89:19-52 (pm)

And that's all, folks ;)
Hopefully the reading continues tomorrow!

Slow Sunday...

Sorry for the lack of writing, but I tries to put together my new Lime blog and it kind of takes a whole day ;) (Ok; I slept a little bit of it too...)

Anyway - nothing much has happen here either. Put up a new picture on my photoblog A Farmer's Child's Tales.. - this week I will upload pictures from my trip to South Africa some years ago, so take a trip over :D

Now I'm soon heading for bed, want to get a earlier start "tomorrow"!

lørdag, mars 05, 2005

More coffee!

 Posted by Hello

I just realized I need another cup of coffee before I'll start cleaning the house!

What is your favorite excuse for not starting with housework???

And then I sat down ;)

It has been a fast week, packed with things to do and think about.

Yesterday I felt bad, not only did I work until late and still didn't got all done, but when I got home ready for some entertainment, to lose my self in; the satellite dish had quit on me too!!! :(

So after feeling bad, sorry for my self and some more I don't know what was actually; I moved for my PC and the internet. First I just surfed along a while, uploaded a new photo to A Farmer's Child's Tales.. and reading a little; not up for actually writing any of my own. Then I started to work on my domain and the new blog (WordPress) - Thursday I had made a mess of something, but I didn't know what. After some reading and collecting some tips, I then deleted almost all files and uploaded it all again --> And it is working!!! Boy, did that make me feel good!!! And then there was a good chat with a friend of mine as well :D The day got so much better after that. And today the sun is shining!!

I have a lot of cleaning to do; but I have been stuck here at the computer for several hours. Have a lot to be updated on with blog-friends posts, and I need some credit from surfing as well ;) And for a little while ago I decided it was about time for my very own Flicker, so far with only one picture. You find it here.

So now I go get some coffee, lurch around here some more and then I'm going to clean my house from top to bottom (or: at least some of it!)!

My new LIME is not yet finished, but you can visit me here, this weekend the plan is to search for a theme I like and get it uploaded and running..., then I will transfer all posts from this site and then my weekend is done I guess!

Hope the sun shines on you as well!!


fredag, mars 04, 2005

Snow on trees..

I am to busy at the moment to write anything long and good so that will wait until later today or tomorrow. I have the weekend off and am determined to resolve the problem with WP on my other domain (so Val, there will be an email; THANKS!). This is the house of one of my friends and neighbor's. It was the snow on the trees I was aiming at, but hey; it's a nice house too :D Happy weekend to everyone and God bless you all! *hugs* Posted by Hello

onsdag, mars 02, 2005

Glowing snow

This is how it looks right outside my house tonight! :) It started snowing again this evening. This is really a big year for snow where I live; and since it is cold it will probably be here some more days too!  Posted by Hello


I've spent some time trying to get my new domain up. Having some problem vith the Wordpress, so I set up a photoblog instead ;) No, that's not true - but it is so far the only thing that is working.......

I still have some work to do before the photoblog looks like I want, but this will do for now. I've started uploading picture as of yesterday. Now, you can take a trip over at: A Farmer's Child's tales.... More pictures are coming!


tirsdag, mars 01, 2005

Happy Birthday, Tor Arne :)



I'm so glad that we are friends even though we seldom see each other :) Always nice with a chatt online though! Hope that your day will be a good one, and that you will get many more of those :D (happy days, that is)

Take good care of your self and be YOU.

Love and hug from
anneberit ;)

Just a little HI!

I'm so late for work so this is just a little HI from me :o) hi!
Yesterday I was busy setting up my new domain - soon I'll be moving..... Just want to do a little more before leaving blogger behind!

Have a funeral soon, so must run, but see you later!

And the snow is still here - and today the sun shines as well - life is good ;)


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