lørdag, mars 05, 2005

And then I sat down ;)

It has been a fast week, packed with things to do and think about.

Yesterday I felt bad, not only did I work until late and still didn't got all done, but when I got home ready for some entertainment, to lose my self in; the satellite dish had quit on me too!!! :(

So after feeling bad, sorry for my self and some more I don't know what was actually; I moved for my PC and the internet. First I just surfed along a while, uploaded a new photo to A Farmer's Child's Tales.. and reading a little; not up for actually writing any of my own. Then I started to work on my domain and the new blog (WordPress) - Thursday I had made a mess of something, but I didn't know what. After some reading and collecting some tips, I then deleted almost all files and uploaded it all again --> And it is working!!! Boy, did that make me feel good!!! And then there was a good chat with a friend of mine as well :D The day got so much better after that. And today the sun is shining!!

I have a lot of cleaning to do; but I have been stuck here at the computer for several hours. Have a lot to be updated on with blog-friends posts, and I need some credit from surfing as well ;) And for a little while ago I decided it was about time for my very own Flicker, so far with only one picture. You find it here.

So now I go get some coffee, lurch around here some more and then I'm going to clean my house from top to bottom (or: at least some of it!)!

My new LIME is not yet finished, but you can visit me here, this weekend the plan is to search for a theme I like and get it uploaded and running..., then I will transfer all posts from this site and then my weekend is done I guess!

Hope the sun shines on you as well!!



At 4:26 a.m., Blogger makuahine said...

Oh sorry you had a bad beginning of the day but glad that WP is now working for you! I will go check it out in a bit!
Me, I've had a rather strange day as well, seems that nothing has gone right, but then again, a lot has... if that makes any sense. So I will write about that later I guess... :)
Have a good Sunday because I guess by now it is Sunday for you, eh?

At 12:10 p.m., Blogger anne berit said...

Oh, the WP was a killer for a bit; but now it works at last! Now I go for the "unknow" and shall try to do something about the look - yiu might get a mail ;)

I'll run over and read all about your day - hope it turned out ok too!

Jepp, Sunday for over 4 hours when you posted. Now it's some hours later though, I slept long again :D


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