tirsdag, mars 08, 2005

Daily Read for Lent - 28


  • Psalm 97; Psalm 99; Psalm 100 (am)
  • Jere 17:19-27; Rom 7:13-25; John 6:16-27
  • Psalm 94; Psalm 95 (pm)

Even though John doesn't mention Peter when he tells of Jesus walking on the water and meeting the disciples far out on the lake, this text make me think of a big picture that my Grandmother and Grandfather had in their "best"room (the room was almost always locked and cold, they used it for birthdays and Christmas and the important days and when important or "long time not seen"-visitors came by; only then was it warmed up).

The picture hang above an old organ when I was a little girl, growing up next door. It was of Peter, whom frightened cried out for Jesus: "Help me, I am going under!"; as it is written below the picture.

This is the picture (or for now: the image of it in my mind) I look for when I try to figure out what Jesus is all about. He is the one who stands where we falls; he is the one that holds when we let go of the grip. He gives us faith to "walk on water"; faith that can overcome all thing! But as Peter we tend to look down, and remember that this is not possible and we starts to sink - we panics and cry out: Help!! And then Jesus grabs hold of us! With loving eyes and a hand that is stronger than anything. He grabs hold of us --> that's what faith in Christ is all about; where it all starts!

God bless!

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