torsdag, mars 24, 2005

Maundy Thursday

I'm a little slow at learning; have just recently discovered that my pc makes a good DVD player.... :D I have no DVD-player attacked to my TV, but now I can watch DVD's still ;) Since Sunday I've seen: "The Day after Tomorrow" and "The Incredibles". The films are really different (!) but I liked them both. Next on the list is maybe "The Passion of the Christ", but I think I will see that one at my neighbor's house... What is your favorite????

Now I'm just home relaxing a bit. I've been at one church for my first service of the day. Tonight there is a new one in the church close by my house. We're doing a new thing this year; celebrating an Easter-meal similar to the Passover meal but with the Messiah = Jesus. We've never done it before so it is both scaring and fun... Hope people dare to come - there will be feeding =>


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