tirsdag, mars 08, 2005

Passover Meal

Today we gathered all the pastors of this area, the two deacons and the one church-teacher. It is good to be together like that from time to time and talk and learn; plan and get inspiration. This time we had visitors from both Oslo and Jerusalem. The leader of the Norwegian mission for Israel (mission in form of telling Jews about Jesus) and the leader of the Caspari Center in Jerusalem (a high quality learning and educatoral senter in Israel - recently they have opened a Caspari center in USA too!)

They told us a about the work the mission does in Israel and Mrs Loren gave us a peek into the life of Messianic Jews and told us about the Caspari center and what kind of education and suth you can get there. It was both a time of learning and an eye-opener for me. We can't stop telling Jews about Jesus just because we don't always aprove of their politics; and even though I am no Jew, I think they can learn me a lot about where my faith is from; get to the roots of it for real! To participate in (a short version) the Passover Meal gave me a sense of belonging to a faith with history and I think we can learn much from this meal (and the Sabbath Meal) on how to give our fait to the next generation! How to keep the history alive.

I'll leave you with this, a treat of beautiful pictures :D

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