tirsdag, mars 15, 2005

Sorry for no new posts...

..but the picture of my brother has lighten it up hasn't he?? :D

I was just to exhausted to do any real blogging yesterday, other than reading others and commenting a little. I guess there will be no better today.. I'm still at work and will be here a while; today are the big day for Norwegian Church Aid - the single day in the year where they collect most money. All over the country are youths and adults going from door to door asking for a donnation. Many of my confirmants are now out in the field walking for a good cause! This year the money will be used to work against Trafficing on several continents and in different ways. There is also some program for those who got out of this to help them feel safe again and give them education and so on. Until a few weeks ago I thought that slavery was a thing of the past - now I know it's not! And some of the stories I've heard has really been awfull.
Slavery... I didn't know about all these forms that existed. I think it's largely because we aren't expecting it. It is hidden. Generally people would say "No I think you are making it all up", because it's just too incredible.

Erkebiskop Desmond Tutu


On a lighter note: The weekend was good - but oh so tiring!
I'll see you later ;)

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